Fan Art & Guidelines

This is Emile. Original line art by Tyler Kirkham. Colour added by arf.

I've been asked a few times, so here are some rough guidelines :)

Hey there, awesome creative person!

My current Minecraft in-game skin is based on the character "Emile", from the game "Halo: Reach" on the Xbox. I chose the skin back in 2011 and haven't changed it since, despite not playing FPS games for a few years now.

You can find many reference images online.

If you are creating character art for the channel, please:

  • Avoid reference to firing a gun or rifle. You could swap it for a Minecraft sword or Emile's knife :)
  • Avoid reference to certain holidays that are only celebrated in some parts of the world - i.e. Christmas, Easter, etc.
  • Avoid anything NSFW or unsafe for kids.

Otherwise, I'm OK with whatever you want to make & appreciate that you even want to! Thank you :)

If you wish to clarify anything with me, hop into Discord.

Below is a gallery of images submitted by viewers, which you could also use as a reference.

Fan Art Gallery

These are some of my favourites, created by viewers of the channel and uploaded with their permission.




The Apple Maniac!