Privacy Policy

We view the privacy of each individual to be an important aspect of your personal identity and take online privacy seriously. We respect the concerns of our community of users.

In this policy (the "Privacy Policy") we describe our privacy practices with regard to information we collect through this website and the associated Minecraft server (collectively, the "Services"), to help you make informed decisions about how you share information when you visit or use the services.

If you have any questions about how your data is collected or used, please submit a support ticket.

Last Updated: 18 September 2022

Our policy

How we handle your data:

  • As part of normal operation of the Services, we may store information about you in our database and/or server logs.

  • Your personally identifiable information is not shared with third parties unless it is necessary for the operation of the Services (e.g. payment processing).

  • We use the Australian Privacy Act as a guideline when handling your data. You can find out more here: Australian Privacy Act and What is personal information?

  • In your local region, you may have certain protections under law - including but not limited to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • We respect and agree with the protections offered by law in each region, and we aim to go above and beyond these protections (for example, by offering privacy protections that are greater than those we are legally required to give).

  • We are happy to receive questions regarding how we handle your personal data. Please raise any concerns you may have with us at your earliest opportunity.

Information that we collect


  • Standard web server logs: this includes but is not limited to your IP address, date and time that you accessed the Services, and browser user agent string.

  • Regarding data sovereignty: Our web servers are hosted in Australia, and your data may therefore fall under Australian jurisdiction and data protection laws.

If you log into the website:

  • We collect information about your Discord account that is used to log in. For example: Discord username, email address, 2FA status, avatar, and more.

  • We may keep information regarding your Patreon subscription, Twitch subscription or YouTube member subscription. We know if you have subscribed, with which account, and on which plan or tier. We may also have access to additional information, such as your account email address. This is to ensure that you receive the appropriate access to our Minecraft server, and any other perks or rewards that have been offered to you.

  • If you provide your Minecraft username, we will store your Minecraft username and Minecraft account UUID in our database. We may also store a copy of your Minecraft character skin.

  • A profile for your Minecraft character may be displayed on the website. We allow you to control the visibility of this profile, including but not limited to disabling the profile from being shown publicly to non logged-in users or being cached by search engines.

Minecraft server:

  • Standard game server logs: this includes but is not limited to your IP address, date and time that you accessed the Services, your Minecraft username and account UUID, and information about your game client.

  • Regarding data sovereignty: Our Minecraft survival server is hosted in Australia. Our Minecraft creative server is hosted in Germany. Your data may be subject to applicable laws in those regions.

  • In-game chat and actions (e.g. block placement) are stored on the game server, in backups on an external server, and on the web server. This information is stored in the form of chat logs, server logs, and database entries.

  • In-game chat and actions (e.g. logging in and logging out) are recorded by the Discord server. We mirror the in-game chat to the Discord server so that non-players can read and interact with you whilst you are online.

  • Aggregated data about your actions on the game server may also be recorded during your use of the Services. For example, we track which dates you have connected to the Services in order to provide in-game benefits and to display statistics in Discord or on the website.

Third Party integration

  • YouTube: As this website integrates with the YouTube API to retrieve and display videos, the Google Privacy Policy also applies to your use of the website.

  • Discord: As this website uses your Discord login credentials via their OAuth2 service, the Discord Privacy Policy also applies to your use of this website.

  • Minecraft: The game server is operated using the Mojang-supplied server software for Minecraft. The Microsoft Privacy Statement applies to your use of the Minecraft server.

  • DedicatedMC: We use DedicatedMC for Minecraft server hosting, so the DedicatedMC Privacy Policy applies to your use of the Minecraft server.