Community SMP Minecraft Server (aka. Leiger SMP)

We have a community Minecraft server for all supporters!

Trying to add your Minecraft username so you can join? Log in with Discord, then visit the dashboard.

Server Details

The Minecraft server is in 1.18.1 survival multiplayer, and we're currently in Season 2. The Minecraft server includes a shopping district, community-built nether hub & custom plugins, all while retaining the vanilla Minecraft feel. Currently there is no Bedrock version of the server, so you will need Minecraft Java Edition.

Players interact in the Discord server, although all Minecraft server discussion takes place within hidden channels only visible to server members.

The world tour for Season 1 is on this page, or you can watch it on YouTube.

Custom Commands

  • /packs - List of all enabled Data Packs on the Minecraft server.
  • /settings - List of all current Server Settings (e.g. PvP on/off, difficulty level).
  • /info [player] - Displays a bunch of stats about a player, such as their total playtime and when they last logged in.
  • /help - Provides a list of commands in-game, in case you forget them.

Home Coordinates

We have a custom home coordinates system, which allows you to set your home location so that you and other players on the server can find them later. We stick heavily to a vanilla experience, so there is no teleporting.

This is great when you want to share your coordinates with others, so they can find your base when you're offline and leave payment for a trade that you did earlier, or some other gift!

  • /sethome - Sets your current coordinates as your home location.
  • /delhome - Deletes any record of your home coordinates.
  • /home [player] - Shows the home coordinates for the given player.

Join us & play! :)

Whitelisting is automatic, via the website - most paying supporters are eligible. The easiest way to gain access to the Minecraft server is via Patreon, as it is a whitelisted vanilla-style Minecraft server. However, here's a full list of ways to get whitelisted:

Patreon (Patron)

Other benefits include:
  • Your name displayed at the end of my YouTube videos
  • Access to several additional channels in Discord
  • This is the cheapest option, at $4.00 USD for the lowest tier

Twitch (Subscriber)

More details:
  • No ads, custom emoji in chat, and a stream shout-out each month.
  • Tier 2 always has access. Tier 1 is currently being trialled for Minecraft access until the end of March 2022. So you can gain access with a Twitch Prime sub :)

Patreon is the lowest cost to you, so if gaining access to the Minecraft server is your main goal I'd recommend using that option.

Season 1

Season 1 is over, and here's the world tour!

Season 2

Season 2 started on Minecraft 1.17 and has been upgraded to 1.18.1 - the Caves and Cliffs update.

We have several active players and you can join them using the whitelisting information above. :)