Twitch Chat Commands

These are common commands that you might want to use while I'm streaming on Twitch! Each command is grouped under the role that is needed to run it. Happy to consider new commands, just let me know in chat while I'm streaming or on Discord!



Helpful tool for Minecraft players.


Leiger's Discord server


Remind Leiger to check his Elytra durability!

!followage <username>

Tells you how long you've been following the channel for. Thanks for watching! :)


Remind Leiger to eat something in-game!


Explains what the 'Founder' role means, which is given automatically to some channel subscribers.


Tells you what the current game is. Useful on mobile devices.


Get a link to this help page!


Minecraft mods commonly used by Leiger


Leiger's Patreon page ( and a list of perks you receive :)


Information about Pixlrift SMP


Leiger has a podcast for other content creators, with a focus on YouTube/Twitch tips and Minecraft-focused information. It's packed with value, and well worth a listen! Run this command in chat during a stream for more info.


Explains what Channel Points are, how they are earned, and what they can be used for.


Information about Scoutcraft SMP


The two main servers that Leiger plays on in 2021


The specs for Leiger's computer


Get a list of current stats for Leiger's channel (viewers, views, followers)


The current time for Leiger


Tells you what the current stream title is. Useful on mobile devices.


Leiger's Twitter profile


Tells you how long the stream has been running for. Useful on mobile devices.


The current weather for Leiger


Leiger's website


Leiger's YouTube channel



Create a marker in the stream, so that Leiger can more easily find this point in the replay later.


Thank the incoming raiders!

!so <username>

Shout out another Twitch channel. To be used when someone raids us! Or when Leiger is otherwise recommending a channel in the stream.



Display a bunch of hype emotes in chat, to react to an incoming raid or something exciting that just happened!


Find out what you get from your Twitch subscription!