New cave generation in Minecraft 1.17 21w06a!!

Published 2 weeks ago

This is awesome! Click through on the video to find out more.
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New cave generation and the new caves in Minecraft 1.17 have just been made available to us in the Minecraft 21w06a snapshot. But I keep typing 20w06a by mistake (still getting used to the fact that it's 2021 now!) :P

Join me on this journey as we discover the amazing changes Mojang and the rest of the Minecraft team have in store for us with the new Caves and Cliffs update. Now that we have cave generation and the blocks for the new cave biomes, we have a real good look at what's coming when we finally reach the Minecraft 1.17 release date in June/July 2021.

I'm working on a video to go through a deep dive of the new cave generation, including the new noise caves generated with a mathematical noise function. There's two main variants of cave types - Spaghetti caves and Cheese caves, named based on what they look like and how they generate.

But there are also underground aquifers and now we have magma blocks spawning underground to create currents of water in the new cave local water levels. Fish will spawn in the aquifers if it is under an ocean or river, and this new generation replaces the old underwater cave carvers and canyons.

However, much of the old cave generation still exists! And with an increased world height, we can now go BELOW the previous bedrock level, down into negative y level and down to negative y64! This is crazy.

Can you tell I'm excited? :P Hopefully you're just as excited about the new cave generation and other features coming in Minecraft 1.17. Let me know what you think of the caves and cliffs update so far in the comments, and in particular, the new cave generation released this week as part of the 21w06a Minecraft snapshot.