Minecraft PvP Cinematic & Zombie Farm! - Scoutcraft Ep 6

Published 5 months ago

Worth your time to watch! This episode features a Minecraft PvP CINEMATIC using Replay Mod, and a Zombie Farm / Spawner Farm built in Minecraft 1.16!

The PvP battle was between Sapherino and Vloop, and it's set to some great Minecraft PvP Montage Music from Epidemic Sound (https://leigergaming.com/epidemic)

You also get to see the awesome Minecraft PvP arena build on the Scoutcraft SMP server! This isn't the last PvP Minecraft 1.16 will see on our server ;)

The Zombie Farm (built in Minecraft 1.16) was created as a Spawner Farm, using the Zombie Spawner found near my base on the Hermitcraft 7 world seed that we are playing on (I live near where docm77 and bdoubleO100 set up!)

Built in 1.16 Java, you will see that the Zombie Farm was created using water to funnel the zombies into a killing area. They are first raised up away from the zombie farm, and then dropped where they land with 1 health and we can easily kill them in a single hit.

I'm certain you'll enjoy the episode! Thank you for watching :)

0:00 Preview of ScoutCraft Episode 6
0:08 Welcome to ScoutCraft Episode 6
0:28 Minecraft base cleanup
1:18 Zombie Spawner Mob Farm
4:38 Visiting Vloop and Elytra Cinematic
7:40 Minecraft PvP Arena Cinematic
9:56 ScoutCraft Shopping District - Shop Improvements

Also, did you come here from a Hermitcraft episode? It's not surprising! ScoutCraft is very similar to Hermitcraft in how we run the server.

What is ScoutCraft? ScoutCraft Season 1 is Hermitcraft for Small YouTubers, played on the same map as Hermitcraft 7 / Hermitcraft VII. We are a Minecraft server for small YouTubers, called ScoutCraft. Minecraft small YouTubers like myself and others are playing on this HermitCraft style server and we're having a blast!

Looking for a HermitCraft alternative to watch? Take a look at ScoutCraft. We're all Minecraft small YouTubers focusing on quality content and engaging story that spans the length of ScoutCraft Season 1.

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