What NOT to do on a Minecraft Twitch stream! - Scoutcraft 13

Published 3 weeks ago

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If you're looking for Minecraft Twitch stream fails, this one takes the cake. You can't help but to laugh at stupid mistakes like this ...

If you hit a Zombified Piglin (previously Zombie Pigmen), you should expect a response. But it seems this time I completely forgot about the others and that led to a pretty unfortunate, yet predictable Minecraft Twitch funny moment.

We aren't Hermitcraft, but Scoutcraft is modelled after a similar structure - an SMP filled with like minded players that plan ahead on storylines. We work together, and all decisions are made as a group. So while this isn't a Hermitcraft live stream from season 7, it is a Scoutcraft live stream from Season 1 of the Scoutcraft server.

Find out more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fl0ST_5L_XU&list=PLvoBjo0JSrCJ1ywxYcni2MZ0DMP7Dj7ps

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