Small Beginnings | Minecraft Drop Transition Edit

Published 6 days ago

Thought I'd make a second one of these! I enjoyed the process :) Hope you enjoy the end result!

Want the song, "Drone Hunting" by FormantX?
It's on Epidemic Sound, which I use for all of my videos. (if anyone uses that link, and decide to pay after the free 30 day trial, I get a free month too)

If you'd like me to try this again, I may be able to do a better job at timing the cuts to make it even smoother. Your constructive feedback & suggestions are requested and appreciated! :)

LeigerGaming hasn't done a Minecraft speedrun before, but this highly-edited clip is probably the closest he'll ever get to it. Does that count as a 38 second speedrun? :P Nah, didn't think so :(

Have a most excellent day! :)

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