Hanging out with Saph! - Scoutcraft 08: Hermitcraft for Small YouTubers

Published 5 months ago

Catching up with Saph - we chat about Minecraft, being a YouTuber, and other topics. Oh, and we create a Minecraft wheat farm on the Scoutcraft server! Also known as the Hermicraft for Small YouTubers server.

This video includes a pretty straight-forward, multi-level wheat farm in 1.16 Java edition, but it will also work fine for Bedrock as it's following simple water mechanics - crops are hydrated up to 4 blocks away, allowing us to support a large square farm with a single waterlogged wooden slab of water.

Making it even more interesting, this whole episode is put together as a Minecraft farm build timelapse & oak tree farming timelapse, backed by awesome music from Epidemic Sound! (https://leigergaming.com/epidemic)

Sapherino is another member of the Scoutcraft Minecraft Multiplayer SMP that we play on. This is a creator or YouTuber only Minecraft server, operated in a similar way to Hermitcraft - everyone has equal decision making, decisions are discussed amongst ourselves, and we are all Minecraft YouTuber content creators!

I'm confident that you'll enjoy the episode! Thank you for watching :)

Also, did you come here from a Hermitcraft episode? It's not surprising! ScoutCraft is very similar to Hermitcraft in how we run the server.

What is ScoutCraft? ScoutCraft Season 1 is Hermitcraft for Small YouTubers, played on the same map as Hermitcraft 7 / Hermitcraft VII. We are a Minecraft server for small YouTubers, called ScoutCraft. Minecraft small YouTubers like myself and others are playing on this HermitCraft style server and we're having a blast!

Looking for a HermitCraft alternative to watch? Take a look at ScoutCraft. We're all Minecraft small YouTubers focusing on quality content and engaging story that spans the length of ScoutCraft Season 1.

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