HOWLING IN PAIN - Netherite TNT Mining - Scoutcraft 09

Published 4 months ago

It's ANCIENT DEBRIS mining time! Let's get some Netherite. And what better song to back up an epic Minecraft timelapse with than HOWLING by Lupus Nocte?! :D
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Follow along folks, today we're using the ancient debris TNT mining method. Netherite TNT mining is probably the most efficient way to mine Ancient Debris, and it takes far less time than using the bed mining method, because there is less cleanup of fires afterwards.

Currently we are locked to just Diamonds, so it is time to get lots of Netherite and kit ourselves out. EXCEPT, we swam in lava and died in lava! :( Fortunately, ancient debris does not burn in lava, so we were able to get our Netherite tools back. But that's about it :\

I suck. The hermits doing Hermitcraft netherite mining is so much more successful and time efficient! xD

I'm confident that you'll enjoy the episode! Thank you for watching :)

Also, did you come here from a Hermitcraft episode? It's not surprising! ScoutCraft is very similar to Hermitcraft in how we run the server.

What is ScoutCraft? ScoutCraft Season 1 is Hermitcraft for Small YouTubers, played on the same map as Hermitcraft 7 / Hermitcraft VII. We are a Minecraft server for small YouTubers, called ScoutCraft. Minecraft small YouTubers like myself and others are playing on this HermitCraft style server and we're having a blast!

Looking for a HermitCraft alternative or servers like Hermitcraft to watch? Take a look at ScoutCraft. We're all Minecraft small YouTubers focusing on quality content and engaging story that spans the length of ScoutCraft Season 1. It's a very unique Minecraft multiplayer survival SMP server! :)

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