Discord info & Getting Started on Patreon Minecraft Server - Episode 1

Published 1 month ago

Hello! Thanks to your amazing support, I have been able to start up a Minecraft server for those that directly support the channel through Patreon. I will be regularly showcasing the work that others are doing on the server on the YouTube channel, for those who can't play on here.
Discord: https://leigergaming.com/discord
Patreon: https://patreon.com/leigergaming

If you're looking for Patreon Minecraft servers, you've just found one! :) This is a Java Edition Minecraft server running on 1.16.4 at the moment. It was launched 31 December 2020.

Join the conversation on Discord, and join the server at any pledge level on Patreon. I appreciate you all, whether you pay or just watch and comment :D Thank you for your support of my channel in 2020. I hope to keep making stuff you enjoy in 2021 and beyond!