Mining Extravaganza! + Scout Missions?! - Scoutcraft 11

Published 3 months ago

Scout Missions, explained! And mining for hours turned into a few awesome timelapses with epic music! We also made a sale with System64, and caught up with Vloop where he showed us his Nether Blaze Farm. Let's go!

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This episode, we cover off what Scout Missions are and do some brainstorming for how we can give the other scouts a mission to complete! We also mined for a lot of gravel, sand, and 1.16 nether quartz.

Due to a technical issue, there is a 15 second segment near the start that I couldn't remove. Please avert your eyes, and pretend it didn't happen!~ Thanks :D ... You saw nothing! :)

I'm confident that you'll enjoy the episode! Thank you for watching :)

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Also, did you come here from a Hermitcraft episode? It's not surprising! ScoutCraft is very similar to Hermitcraft in how we run the server. What is ScoutCraft? ScoutCraft Season 1 is Hermitcraft for Small YouTubers, played on the same map as Hermitcraft 7 / Hermitcraft VII. We are a Minecraft server for small YouTubers, called ScoutCraft. Minecraft small YouTubers like myself and others are playing on this HermitCraft style server and we're having a blast!

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