Brand Information Pack

This is an information pack for brands that wish to work with the LeigerGaming team.

Let's discuss what you can do for our community!

For business enquiries: [email protected]

If you are a content creator looking to collaborate on a video, please see Collab with LeigerGaming instead.

Audience Segments

Minecraft Players & Server Owners

  • Supported by the Minecraft channels: YouTube and Twitch
  • Over 2.3 Million views on YouTube
  • Average 75,000 views per month
  • 33% USA, 10% India, 7% UK, 4% Canada, 3% Australia

Content Creators

  • Supported by the audio-only Minecraft Creator Podcast on YouTube, Apple, Google, Spotify, Deezer and more!
  • Audience includes a variety of content creators, with a particular focus on Minecraft for case studies.
  • Over 3000 downloads across all platforms
  • Average 100 downloads in the first 90 days of an episode
  • 53% USA, 15% UK, 11% Germany, 5% Canada, 5% Australia

Let us know what you can offer our viewers, and how we can help you in return!

We have in-house Video Editing, SEO and Web Development experience and would be happy to find a solution that helps you to expand your reach.

For business enquiries: [email protected]

Work with us if you have a product or service that would be of interest to Minecraft players or other gaming content creators with small-to-medium sized channels, or monetised content creators in the YouTube Partner Program or Twitch Affiliate / Partner Program. We are open to a variety of campaigns, and are happy to discuss the details with you.