Collab with LeigerGaming

Hello! Are you a content creator? You're in the right place.

If you represent a business reaching out regarding a sponsorship offer or affiliate agreement, please see the Brand Information Pack instead.

Listen to the podcast episode

Are you a small channel? I might still be interested! Not all collaborations are the same, and I'm open to collaborating with smaller creators if there is minimal time commitment required on my end.

I have a 7 minute podcast episode on the topic: How to Collaborate with YouTubers (or listen to more podcast episodes)

The next step

Your next step would be to do one of the following:

Then, send a Direct Message (DM) to Leiger via Discord or Twitter with your proposal.

Alternatively, if you are using Discord as your communication method you may wish to create a support ticket using the /tickets open command.

Due to the high number of requests I receive, I cannot accept most of them. But I am still happy to hear from you & can always respond when my availability opens up if you've reached out first.